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  • Center for Junior Officers

    Center for Junior Officers

    Blog for the US Army Center for Junior Officers. Through our efforts, we pursue our vision — to create a generation of junior officers who are inspired to lead.

  • Silvio de Melo Liborio

    Silvio de Melo Liborio

    Data Engineer with more than 20+ years of experience in IT.

  • Adonis Batista

    Adonis Batista

    I’m the CEO of AdOpt, we belive that privacy is the new currency.

  • Lide Colafati

    Lide Colafati

    Olá! Tenho 23 anos, sou formada em jornalismo na USJT e estou cursando Marketing na mesma faculdade. Confira meus textos acadêmicos e feitos à trabalho! :D

  • Raffaella Aghemo

    Raffaella Aghemo

    Lawyer and consultant for innovation technology, IP, copyright, communication & marketing, likes movies and books, writes legal features and books reviews

  • Coalizão Direitos na Rede

    Coalizão Direitos na Rede

    Em defesa dos direitos de acesso à Internet, liberdade de expressão, proteção de dados pessoais e privacidade. https://direitosnarede.org.br

  • Alan R. Fachini

    Alan R. Fachini

    Founder @ Magrathea.

  • Tatiana Revoredo

    Tatiana Revoredo

    Oxford Blockchain Foundation founding member| Expert in Blockchain from University of Oxford and MIT | Liaison at European Law Observatory on New Techs

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