Wibson 1-year Mainnet anniversary

Today is the one year mark for Wibson’s Mainnet. Here’s a quick recap of the milestones we achieved since our launch.

Our Year in Review

Wibson Official App & Token

We launched Wibson official Mobile app with the necessary improvements based on what we learned from the Alpha version. At the same time, the Wibson token (WIB) went live.

Image: Etherscan

Jampp Joined as Data Buyer

The global mobile marketing platform Jampp joined Wibson Marketplace in January 2019. This represented a huge milestone for us and for all data sellers as Jampp is a company trusted by the world’s leading e-commerce apps.

Exchange listing

Since its launch, Wibson Token has been listed on three exchanges: Bittrex, Coinsuper and Bitforex.

Successful POC with Telefónica

Telefonica served as the first Notary and helped to verify Movistar subscriber status for consumers that sold data through the Wibson marketplace.

New Mobile App & Gas cost reduction

In July we launched Wibson V2 app with an improved design and user experience and released a Batch Payment code that reduces the transaction costs up to 99%, solving scaling issues not only for us but also for other blockchain-based companies.


We recently partnered with Cryptocup, Prêmery, Se Socio, ETH BA and Cryptomondays to combine efforts with these companies and organizations to expand and improve the blockchain ecosystem.


During this year we participated in several events, such as Token 2049, ICIS 2018, Okex Global Meetup, European Blockchain Convention, C20, Singapore Fintech Festival and much more.

What’s to Come

The anniversary of our Mainnet launch is a reminder for our team to continue working to build the ecosystem. We are now focused on creating the marketplace that will allow more convenient token redemption capabilities.

Our team is working very hard to create the best data ecosystem for both sellers and buyers.

Thank you!

We couldn’t be more excited about how far we’ve come and about the future of Wibson. We thank our community and Ambassadors for your continued support over the last year. We could not have done it without you.

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