The Wibson Marketplace Is Live!

Today we are proud to announce the official launch of the Wibson decentralized personal data marketplace on the Ethereum main network, Wibson token (symbol WIB), and availability of our updated Wibson mobile app in Argentina, Spain, and the U.K.

This is a major milestone for Wibson. In less than twelve months since we first conceived the Wibson decentralized data marketplace, we’re now live. We want to give our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of our supporters and Wibson Alpha users who joined us on this journey. Below are some additional launch details.

Wibson Token Distribution

The Wibson token, also known as WIB, is the utility token of the Wibson protocol which is used to transact in data in the Wibson system. A total of nine billion WIB tokens have been generated. Wibson will retain 20% of the Wibson token supply for advisors, team members, and partners. 40% of the total WIB supply will be reserved for Market Participants (Data Sellers, Data Buyers, and Notaries). We have reserved up to 40% for sale to private accredited investors in pre-sale transactions.

New Documentation

As previously presented in our protocol blog post, the Wibson data marketplace supports fair and secure transactions between Data Sellers and Data Buyers. Our unique approach sets Wibson apart from other consumer data projects and is explained in our full technical white paper on Our code base and initial documentation, including our Buyer app SDK and Notary SDK, is also available for review on GitHub.

We take great pride in the innovative work behind the Wibson project. Please provide us feedback in our Telegram group.

Wibson App

A Wibson consumer app update is now publicly available on the Google Play stores in Argentina, Spain, and U.K. The latest version supports consumers ability to sell their personal data for Wibson tokens in the Wibson marketplace. We limited our launch to these countries to comply with local regulations. As regulations evolve, we expect to launch in additional countries.

Next Steps

Now that the Wibson marketplace is live, we will focus on growing the Wibson community and optimizing the user experience for both Data Sellers and Data Buyers. We will add new data offers from more Data Buyers, more data sources for Data Sellers to connect in the Wibson app, and other opportunities to earn Wibson tokens by helping grow the Wibson community. There will be much more exciting news to come on all these fronts in the near future.

In the meantime, the long awaited short film, The Data Thief, is also now available to view. Please join us in celebrating the launch on Twitter and Telegram.

Thank you for your support,

The Wibson Team

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