Wibson Launches Consumer-Controlled Personal Data Marketplace

We are pleased to announce the launch of our blockchain-based, decentralized personal data marketplace. The Wibson launch event will happen next week during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona when we will release the Wibson Alpha mobile app. This is the first step in supporting consumers’ ability to control and monetize their data with direct offers from data buyers. Wibson provides individuals a way to securely sell validated personal information in a trusted environment. The Wibson launch will be highlighted by an event for industry leaders, press, and partners from the consumer data and blockchain worlds.

Through the release of the Wibson iOS and Android apps, individuals can connect to data sources, such as Facebook and their mobile device location, monitor offers from data buyers like advertisers and non-profits, then sell their personal data.

As our founder and CEO Mat Travizano said for the news release — “In today’s economy, data equals money. Unfortunately, that exchange hasn’t made its way into consumer wallets — until now. Wibson completely changes this dynamic by restoring ownership over our personal information. Now consumers can access their data, and can choose to profit from these transactions how and when they want.”

In addition, we want to thank our investors for supporting Wibson’s vision, including Wayra (Telefonica’s startup acceleration program), Kenetic Capital, and DGG Capital, among many other prominent angel investors and funds.

Telefonica Chief Innovation Officer, Gonzalo Martín-Villa had this to say “Wayra is excited to be an early investor in Wibson, a disruptive technology based on the blockchain, which will help people take back control of their personal data.”

Jehan Chu, Managing Partner of Kenetic Capital, added, “The Wibson marketplace not only benefits consumers by providing them the ability to control and monetize their personal information, it gives corporate marketers and advertisers access to high quality, verified data and an explicit consumer consent mechanism which will be absolutely critical as new privacy regulations, such as GDPR, come into effect in the coming months. Wibson is addressing a huge personal data opportunity with a very intelligent and thoughtful approach.”

David Garcia, Managing Partner of DGG Capital also said, “I’ve been impressed by the speed and vision of the Wibson team. The personal data landscape is evolving rapidly, and the time is right to change how personal data is used and transacted. Improved transparency and consumer control of personal information may sound scary to corporate marketers, but the marketplace’s decentralized nature and inherent transparency will support a more efficient and fair marketplace that ultimately benefits everyone in the data ecosystem.”

We feel confident in the opportunity because Wibson is built on a set of core principles designed to protect individuals. As the marketplace is inherently transparent, users have complete insight into the intended use of their data, including if it is anonymized, who the buyer is and the price they will be paid.

Here is how the prototype app works:

  • Once the app is installed, individuals can connect to data sources such as Facebook and their mobile device location, then monitor offers from data buyers to sell their personal data.
  • When the data transaction is confirmed, consumers receive payment for sharing access to their data.
  • The Wibson marketplace takes advantage of the blockchain network so that there is always a “smart contract” between data buyer and sellers that governs how consumers’ personal information will be used.
  • Typical data buyers will be businesses who are looking for validated personal data to better target offers and ads or non-profit organizations who are conducting social good research. During this prototype or “Alpha” phase, Wibson will be the only buyer of your data. We will only use your personal information for internal testing and product development purposes. We will not share your data with any third party.
  • Wibson is currently running on a private Ethereum test network. During this Alpha phase, Wibson will provide points to users who engage with the mobile apps by connecting accounts and transacting their data.

We will provide more updates and information, as well as links to download the apps, after the launch event next week.

Thanks again for your interest in and support of Wibson. We invite you to take part in this next important phase of the consumer data revolution.

Your Privacy Compliance Platform — IG: @wibson.io — Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wibson