Wibson Launches Consumer-Controlled Personal Data Marketplace

  • Once the app is installed, individuals can connect to data sources such as Facebook and their mobile device location, then monitor offers from data buyers to sell their personal data.
  • When the data transaction is confirmed, consumers receive payment for sharing access to their data.
  • The Wibson marketplace takes advantage of the blockchain network so that there is always a “smart contract” between data buyer and sellers that governs how consumers’ personal information will be used.
  • Typical data buyers will be businesses who are looking for validated personal data to better target offers and ads or non-profit organizations who are conducting social good research. During this prototype or “Alpha” phase, Wibson will be the only buyer of your data. We will only use your personal information for internal testing and product development purposes. We will not share your data with any third party.
  • Wibson is currently running on a private Ethereum test network. During this Alpha phase, Wibson will provide points to users who engage with the mobile apps by connecting accounts and transacting their data.

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