Wibson Public Roadmap is Live

We are very happy to announce that Wibson Public Roadmap has been published today on our website. The graphic shows our strategy and how we are moving forward to improve the Data Marketplace and our products, the Wibson Seller and Buyer apps. Check out the details!

  • V2 Protocol: By the end of June, we released Wibson V2 Protocol, a second version of the Wibson Decentralized Data Marketplace that reduces blockchain costs by 99%. This new implementation allowed data buyers to have a more affordable way to buy users’ personal information.
  • Batch Payments: As many other blockchain-based projects, we faced a big challenge with Wibson Data Marketplace: the gas consumption. To solve this issue we launched the Batch Payments (BatPay) code. The Batpay is open-source and bundles together many similar operations into a single transaction to optimize gas consumption.
  • New App: We launched a new version of the Wibson Seller App, which has been enhanced with an improved design and user experience and more convenient token redemption capabilities so in the future the Wibson Tokens (WIB) can be redeemed for other valuable rewards inside the app.
  • SDK V1: We started testing Wibson SDK on selected apps. This allows us to exponentially scale and give more users the possibility to profit from their personal information. The first data we are testing with the SDK is Geolocation.
  • Partnerships: We have been working on new strategic partnerships to expand and improve the ecosystem. We announced a partnership with Prêmery, a cryptoeconomics financial advisory and consulting company created with the purpose of contributing to the education, introduction, and adoption of Blockchain and Smart Contracts technology within society. We have also partnered with Se Socio, the leading investment marketplace in Latin America that allows people to invest in a wide variety of projects through crowdfunding.
  • Buyer SaaS: We started testing a Buyer SaaS (Software as a Service) with selected companies. This new platform will allow any company to become a data buyer and send personalized offers to targeted users.
  • Reward Marketplace: A huge milestone for Wibson and the whole Data Owners community! The Reward Marketplace will allow data sellers to exchange their WIBs for products and services inside the mobile app.
  • WIB Withdrawal: We will add a new feature on the app that will allow users to cash out Wibson tokens out of the Wibson app to any system/platform.
  • Buyer SaaS launch: The platform will be released with the improvements needed based on the learnings of our testing phase.
  • SDK V2: An Open SDK will be launched with new data sources to be connected.
  • Buyer Integration: We are already in contact with several companies interested in having opted-in data from users. We expect these companies to join the Wibson ecosystem as market participants by the middle of the first quarter of 2020.
  • New Data Sources: Additional data sources will be incorporated in the app, allowing users to sell more information and companies to have more variety of data sets to buy and be able to detect more valuable insights on the data they get.
  • Open Reward Marketplace: Companies will be able to include their products and services in the Wibson App Reward Marketplace in exchange for WIBs.

Q2 2020

  • Wibson AI: Wibson is working on an innovative solution that will learn and benefit their users. More information on this subject to come

We are very excited about the future of Wibson and the great things coming! We want to thank our community for your full support. The best is yet to come!

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