Wibson Update 01.03.2020

The latest developments and updates on Wibson Data Marketplace.

The next update of the mobile app, will include a Login that will enable data sellers to create a username to recover their profile if they uninstall the app or install it on a new phone.

The Development and Business teams are working to launch the Reward Marketplace, which will bring the possibility to exchange que Wibson Token for other benefits in the app. Users will see a catalogue where different rewards such as discounts for entertainment shows, restaurantes or credit to use in other apps.

Our plans were to launch the Reward Marketplace in December but there was a delay in the testing phase with our main partner. We are now on that stage, making sure the new feature offers a great user experience and works perfectly. We know this is a very important step for the development of the Data Marketplace, so our commitment is to launch the Reward Marketplace asap. Stay tuned, we will announce it soon!

MVP is already finished and we are testing it with several companies. With this new technology, Data Buyers are able to acquire data directly from users, with their consent and being GDPR compliance.

This is another huge step for Wibson as it makes the data businesses more transparent and secure. It changes 100% the way companies get data, as there are no middleman and the user is completely aware of how this data will be used.

WIB is a utility token and we have worked very hard to give real utility to the engine of Wibson protocol and the whole data marketplace. Some companies only worked in the crypto economics without a real use case and this are the main problems that they are facing:

  1. No natural mechanism to increase the value of the tokens.

2. No real use case: it was simply an idea that cannot be realised.

3. No intrinsic value: the Ecosystem has not invested in tangible assets.

4. No adoption: they are not adapted to the targeted market.

At Wibson we are working to offer real value, having a real use case and adoption. Here is how we are working to solve those problems:

  1. Wibson marketplace is the best natural mechanism to give value to the token, as more buyers will come with the Buyer SaaS and all the partnership programs.

2. Wibson data marketplace is already working. As all innovations, we are in the beginning of the path but each month we get more traction and we see a great future for Wibson as a key player in the Data Era.

2019 was a year of learnings and improvements. We want to thank the Data Owners community for your interaction and feedback. We are working towards a fairer system where all people can benefit from the data economy and what we are creating was not possible without your support. Let’s hope 2020 is the dawn of a new era on Data Privacy!

Your Privacy Compliance Platform — IG: @wibson.io — Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wibson