Wibson Update 01.29.2019

There have been a number of major developments with Wibson over the last few weeks. Here is a brief summary of a few of them.


The new year started off with a bang for Wibson. The Wibson Token is now live on two major exchanges: Coinsuper and Bitforex. Our data marketplace utility token can now be traded on both of these platforms allowing for the exchange of WIBs for other crypto tokens.

New Data Buyer: Jampp

Global mobile marketing platform Jampp joined the Wibson data marketplace as Data Buyer on January 11th. Jampp helps mobile app marketers engage and acquire new users. Built for scale and efficiency, the Jampp marketing platform automatically analyzes data to create customized media to enhance users’ in-app experience. Wibson app users can now sell their personal data directly to Jampp and be rewarded with Wibson Tokens.

Wallets and Portfolios

You can now find the Wibson token on wallets such as Trust, Metamask and MyEtherWallet. In addition, WIB is also live on Blockfolio, one of the biggest crypto portfolios and an excellent source of information. Be sure to opt-in to watch WIB in the Blockfolio app to receive Wibson alerts.

How to exchange WIB Tutorial

Many of our users are first-time crypto owners and are not familiar with the process of exchanging tokens or transferring funds. For those users we created a simple tutorial of the key steps involved in exchanging WIBs. If you still have questions please do not hesitate to reach out via email or our Telegram channel. We have a team listening and ready to help.

Bounty programs

Last week Wibson launched our Bounty program. This gives everyone interested in the Wibson project, not just our mobile app users, the ability to be rewarded in WIBs for creating posts on Reddit or becoming an ongoing member of our Telegram group. Join the program and help us increase the awareness of the Wibson data marketplace.

Upcoming Asia Tour

The Wibson team is hitting the road again in March. Look for details soon on events in Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo.

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