Wibson Update 02.13.2019

Here are the latest updates for Wibson. Read on….

WIB on CoinMarketCap

We are pleased to announce that the Wibson Token is now listed on CoinMarketCap, a major milestone that will significantly increase our token awareness and classification amongst cryptocurrencies.

Blockfolio Signal and Dapp Listing

Wibson is now also listed on some Dapp sites such as State of Dapps, Dapp.com, DappReview and DappBoard. These listings include a general overview of the project, transaction volume and ranking, and information on community followers. In our last update we noted the integration of Wibson into Blockfolio. We are now happy to let you know that the Signal messaging option inside Blockfolio has been enabled. This will allow us to connect directly with interested users through the platform and alert them of all WIB related information.

Trading Competitions

Following the first two major exchange launches, both Coinsuper and Bitforex organized trading competitions. The results were encouraging with a high number of traders involved and impressive trading volumes achieved.

Wibson App Update

Recently, Google announced the elimination of Google Plus, their owned and operated social network. As a result we have removed the Google Plus data connector from the Wibson mobile app. The team is currently researching potential new data connectors to give users more options to take back control of their private data. Look for updates soon.

Asia Tour: First Stop Hong Kong Token 2049

We are very happy to announce that Wibson will be part of Token2049, the premier crypto event in Asia, where leaders from all over the world will be exploring the token economy in-depth.

More details on this and other events that will be part of our 2019 Asia Tour will be posted soon.

Bounty Results and Community Growth

Last week the first Wibson bounty program initiatives on Reddit and Telegram concluded with successful results. Our bounties received nearly 1000 submissions and we received very positive feedback from our new users in Telegram. Many new articles were posted in Reddit and the community helped drive greater awareness of Wibson with their upvoting. We are now working on Twitter and Ambassador program bounties to kick off soon. In addition to the great bounty program activity, we have had amazing increases in community engagement and growth since the start of 2019 with a more than 250% increase in interactions and a 25% increase in followers. Thank you to all our supporters for your participation and enthusiasm!

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