Wibson Update 04.30.2019

Here are the latest updates for Wibson.

This month we’ve launched nine new bounties in the Bounty0x program focused on Reddit, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The community will be rewarded in WIB for their creativity and engagement across these platforms. The new bounties will be available until May 31st. Participants will receive their reward in tokens in early June. To date, our bounties have received over 1,600 submissions from users from all over the world with very positive feedback. Thank you for your participation and support!

Earlier this year we introduced the Wibson Ambassador program. Ambassadors are global and regional crypto experts, traders, influencers, and innovative strategic thinkers whose main goal is to engage with Wibson’s community and to answer questions about the platform and app. Participants also publish and share content about Wibson across their digital channels.

We’re currently looking for new Ambassadors in Argentina, where a significant number of the Wibson team is based. To apply please send an email to info@wibson.org telling us why you’d like to be part of the team and how you can help Wibson.

Buenos Aires Hackathon

Last week our Developer Team participated in La Plata Blockchain, a hackathon and congress held in the National Technological University, Argentina. Lead engineer Agustín Modugno presented our smart contracts and the Wibson data marketplace. We had the opportunity to talk with a big tech community, have their feedback and know more details about other amazing projects.

New Wibson Team Member

We’ve added a new member to the Wibson team. Tomas Fontenla has joined the engineering team in Argentina and will be focused on prototyping, testing and developing technical solutions for Wibson. Welcome Tom!

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