Wibson Update 05.21.2019

Bittrex Listing

The Wibson token is now available for trading on the Bittrex International exchange. This is the third exchange the token is trading on, with the first two being Bitforex and Coinsuper. You can learn more about Bittrex on their About page. Look for our token symbol WIB or visit the Wibson page on Bittrex. You must be a properly verified member of the Bittrex exchange to trade.

Bitcoinday & Ethereum Buenos Aires

This month the Wibson team will participate in two events in Latin America: Bitcoinday, held in Montevideo, Uruguay and Ethereum Buenos Aires, here in our home city. Our Marketing Manager Rodrigo Irarrazaval will speak at Bitcoinday on May 24th, while Nicolás Ayala and Agustín Modugno from our Development Team will present Wibson at ETH Buenos Aires on May 30th.

For those interested in purchasing tickets for Bitcoinday, there is a 50% discount for the Wibson community by using the code WIBSONBITDAY during your payment process. Buy your tickets here.

New Ambassador

We are very happy to announce that Pedro Ogbonna has joined our Ambassador Team. Pedro is a social media and crypto expert who will be helping our community by answering questions in Wibson’s Telegram Group. He’ll also will be promoting Wibson on other social media channels.

We are currently looking for more Ambassadors. Have a look at this post to find more information about the responsibilities and benefits of being part of our team.

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Your Privacy Compliance Platform — IG: @wibson.io — Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wibson

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Your Privacy Compliance Platform — IG: @wibson.io — Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wibson

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