Wibson Update 06.28.2019

Here are the latest updates for Wibson.

Batch Payments

Last week Wibson have released the Wibson V2 protocol. The Wibson V2 protocol represents a huge milestone for our project, and the blockchain community in general, as it provides a way to significantly improve the cost efficiency of ERC-20 token-based marketplace transactions.

One of the greatest challenges for blockchain networks has been managing smart contract transactions costs as projects scale. To solve this problem, Wibson has developed a new Batch Payment approach that significantly reduces the costs associated with smart contracts transactions.

By intelligently bundling large numbers of ERC20 token operations into groups, the Wibson Batch Payment technology reduces Ethereum blockchain transaction costs by as much as three orders of magnitude — that’s a 10x reduction in cost — with no noticeable degradation in user experience or system performance

Not only have we deployed this new Batch Payment technology as part of Wibson’s new V2 protocol, we’ve also released the code publicly so that other blockchain projects can take advantage of Wibson’s cost-efficient transactions approach. The code can be used by any Ethereum-based blockchain project under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 and is available through the Wibson Github.

New App. New Platform. New Branding.

We’ve also made big improvements in our Wibson Android app. First off, we’ve moved the entire app platform to a very flexible development infrastructure. This will allow for more fluid testing and iteration, provide better analytics, and make the deployment of the app to additional territories and languages much more seamless. We are very happy to announce that the app is now available in Spanish.

We also put the foundation in place for more convenient token redemption capabilities for Wibson Data Sellers. In the future, users will be able to easily move tokens to external wallets, as well as cash out Wibson tokens for other rewards.

Finally, on the front end of the app, we’ve incorporated a more broadly appealing brand design and user experience.

We’ve also updated the look and feel of the Wibson website and adapted our social media platforms to the new branding.


Our Dev team will present Wibson V2 next month at the Ethereum Buenos Aires Meetup. Ethereum BA is a group of enthusiasts who support and build decentralised applications. We’ll provide more details for the event on our social media channels. Stay tuned!



Your Privacy Compliance Platform — IG: @wibson.io — Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wibson

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