Wibson Update 07.10.2019

3 min readJul 10, 2019

Here are the latest updates for Wibson.

Data Buyers

Three weeks ago we renewed our website and added new sections. One of them was Data Buyers. With this new addition, companies interested in buying data from users can contact Wibson directly and receive advice from our team.

Since implementing the Data Buyers contact form, we have received many inquiries and we are contacting these companies and organizations so they can be part of the Wibson data marketplace.

Wibson provides a new way for businesses and organizations to acquire third party user data that is fair, transparent, secure and seamless. By participating in the Wibson marketplace, data buyers can manage the purchase process directly with consumers, with no middleman. Also they will be assured of receiving opt-in and compliant data directly from the individual that is authentic, recent, and high quality.

If you are a Data Buyer and would like to buy users’ information on the Wibson data marketplace, you can contact us here.

Events: Save the date Buenos Aires!

This month we are participating in two blockchain related events in Buenos Aires: Crypto Mondays and Ethereum BA.

Our CEO Mat Travizano will be speaking at Crypto Mondays on July 15th. The event will be held in Espacio Bitcoin (405 Marcelo T. de Alvear Street) at 6.00 p.m. You can book your tickets on the Meetup Website.

Later in the month, our Dev Team will present the Wibson V2 Protocol at Ethereum Buenos Aires on July 25th. We presented there in June and spoke about the scaling issues we had with Wibson. Now we will present the solutions we found. More info about tickets soon, stay tuned!

Bounty Campaign & 30-days Challenge

Our Bounty Campaign is still running and there are many challenges that you can participate in to get Wibson Tokens. You can join the campaign by completing simple marketing, software development, and creative tasks! Check all the available bounties here.

For those who enjoy challenges, our Ambassador Iam Chijamz is launching a 30-day campaign with the chance to win Wibson Tokens. Everyday he will publish a Tweet asking the community questions about data privacy, cryptocurrency or blockchain. Join here!

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