Wibson Update 07.24.2019

There have been a number of major developments of Wibson over the last few weeks. Here is a brief summary of them.

Wibson growth

We are already working on Wibson marketplace growth: we plan to launch the app in new countries and list our token in more exchanges.

Furthermore, we are developing a new, more convenient, token redemption system. The update will allow users to exchange their WIB for any other valuable rewards in the app.

More news on this soon!

Events in Buenos Aires

This week, Nicolás Sommi and Nicolás Ayala from our Dev Team will be speakers at ETH Buenos Aires. This Meetup will be held on Thursday July the 25th at Area 3, Palermo (5218, El Salvador street).

The team will present Wibson V2 and provide more details about the Batch Payments code.

Ambassadors Program Update

In the last 2 weeks, we welcomed three new ambassadors to the program and we are seeking more. If you think you meet the above requirements, please complete this form.

Future updates

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