Wibson Update 07.24.2019

There have been a number of major developments of Wibson over the last few weeks. Here is a brief summary of them.

Wibson growth

A few weeks ago we released our Batch Payment code, a new Ethereum blockchain protocol. This new technology has allowed us to reduce transaction costs up to 99.9%. We are proud to have been praised for this achievement in more than 15 publications around the world, including NEWS BTC.

Events in Buenos Aires

Our Business Development Manager Rodrigo Irarrazaval introduced Wibson to the crypto community of Buenos Aires at Cryptomondays. We felt an enthusiastic energy from the audience and had a productive conversation about data privacy issues.

Ambassadors Program Update

Earlier this year we introduced the Wibson Ambassador program. Ambassadors are global and regional crypto experts, traders, influencers, and innovative strategic thinkers whose main goal is to engage with Wibson’s community and to answer questions about the platform and app. Participants also publish and share content about Wibson across their digital channels.

Future updates

Our future updates will include information about our roadmap, which is planned to be released in August. We also plan on launching the app in new markets and introducing new token redemptions. Stay tuned!

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