Wibson Update 08.14.2018

As we head towards nine months since the official announcement of the Wibson project, we are excited to be in the final stages of work prior to network launch and token availability. This blog post is the first in a series of frequent updates we’ll be providing as we move closer to launching Wibson in the very near future.

First up, we have enhanced the Wibson.org website with our overview video

Please watch the video, share with your friends, and post any questions or comments you may have in our Telegram group.

The latest swing of the Wibson Own Your Data World Tour was a return to Asia over the last two weeks of July. Successful stops in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai were organized by our event agency Odaily while in Hong Kong our investment partner Kenetic welcomed us to a meet-up of local blockchain enthusiasts along with project leaders from Decentraland and Olyseum. We wrapped things up in Tokyo with THS Development and added smart contracts expert Zeppelinto the crew of presenters. Our supporting community in Asia continues to grow stronger with every hand we shake and every Wibson t-shirt we give out!

In the world of media, Wibson continues to receive significant mentions in the press. Have a read of some of the recent coverage on CNN, BlockTribune, and individual stories from Forbes writers Joe Wallen and David Prosser.

In team news, we’ve added serial entrepreneur Lisa Gansky to our group of advisors. We look forward to bringing her expertise into the mix as we build out the Wibson data marketplace.

On the technical development side, our engineers have been busy testing all the protocol and platform details to ensure a flawless launch and a reliable marketplace for data transactions. Multiple third-party audits are being undertaken to leave no stone unturned. The app team continues to refine the user experience and squash the bugs to have all issues addressed by launch. The feedback from our community has been invaluable during this Alpha development. Thank you Wibson supporters! We hope you appreciate the point reward redemptions we have been providing to so many of you over the past months. We have also engaged with top notch user experience agency Totem Design and they are already working on Wibson app 2.0. The initial concepts we’ve dreamed up are stunning. We’ll have a preview soon.

Of course, we know that the most frequently asked question is when exactly is the launch date for the Wibcoin token (WIB) and network? We are still not at liberty to make that information public, but we can share that the regulatory hurdles that delayed our previously anticipated launch date have been surmounted and we are on a clear path to a strategic launch in the very near future. All systems are go!

Thanks again for your support of Wibson and stay tuned for new developments and updates very soon.

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