Wibson Update 08.28.2018

Here is our third pre-launch update. We don’t have a token launch date for you as yet but we are definitely getting very close. As such, we have released information on our protocol that will support the network. More below.

Wibson Protocol

We’ve published a graphic representation of the Wibson Protocol on our website as a preview to the release of our technical white paper. The full white paper will be made available once the Wibson network and token launch. Further details on this very unique protocol here.

Wibson@Media Party Buenos Aires

The event in Buenos Aires was a huge success. We onboarded many more data owners to the Wibson Alpha app and spread the word on how individuals should be profiting from their data.

Watch the whole event video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKOGKnxVbzQ&feature=youtu.be&t=29m42s

First Chinese Media WeChat Event

The Wibson presence on WeChat in China continues to grow. With the help of our partners at Horman Capital we kicked off a series of Q&A chats and podcast events with various Chinese media outlets. These events are driving a broad range of interested journalists from blockchain, technology, and consumer publications across China with more to come soon.

Pending Order Bug in App

Many of our Wibson Alpha app tester have reported a bug with data orders stalled out in the pending state. This has been a know bug and has been corrected in our development version of the app, but a fix will not be deployed until the app is updated for the token and network launch.

Website translated to Spanish

Following on the heels of the recent Chinese version of Wibson.org, the site is now also available in Spanish. With this, Wibson is well positioned for the massive opportunity for data marketplace development in Spanish speaking countries around the world.

Wibson on Bitcoinwiki

As part of our rollout for token and network launch Wibson has been added to Bitcoinwiki. Have a look at the listing here.

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