Wibson Update 12.13.2018

Wibson Growth

Just 60 days after the Wibson network and token launch, over 6800 Data Sellers have conducted 81,000 transactions and received more than 1,000,000 Wibson Tokens (WIB). These data-selling Wibson users are now Wibson Token holders. Since the Wibson marketplace is running on the Ethereum network, all of this data is public and can be easily monitored on Etherscan.

App Updates & New Team Member

We are continually working to improve the Wibson app user experience and developing better engagement with our Wibson community. Recent app updates include:

  • Rewards for connecting data sources now available in the transaction History tab.
  • Improved transaction speed.
  • Pending data offer status now available. It’s important to note that, even if a transaction is delayed, data is NEVER sent until transactions are completed.
  • Reset Facebook and Strava Fitness sessions to address failed offers.
  • Fixed access error on Device Information data source.
  • Fixed timeout error on Geolocation data source.
  • App version now shown in the User tab.

Welcome Kyryl Bystriakov

We’re very excited to welcome Kyryl Bystriakov to the Wibson team as Director of Product. Kyryl is well-recognized international product leader who specializes in transforming complexity into easy-to-use, valuable products and experiences. Director of Product Kyryl Bystriakov. Welcome Kyryl!

Personal Data Media Coverage

The topic of personal data has clearly gone mainstream. Here’s a link to recent coverage by the stalwart news outlet 60 Minutes of Tim Cook’s data privacy speech. In addition, US lawmakers are ramping up their discussion of implementing potential GDPR-like regulation. The New York Times has been digging into the details of the mobile device location data market, revealing just how unaware most users are of how their personal whereabouts is being tracked.

Wibson Event Participation

In the last few weeks Wibson has participated in a number of significant global industry events. Mat Travizano, Wibson CEO and Co-Founder, was one of the main speakers at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018. Following this huge financial technology gathering, the Wibson marketing team joined Mat at the C20 Conference — Bitcoin + Blockchain in Buenos Aires November 16 and 17, hosting a booth where more than 3000 attendees had the chance to learn more about the Wibson project and share ideas with our team.

Wibson also presented at the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona where more than 500 attendees and 50 speakers discussed the foundation of Blockchain and the future of the Digital Economy. From there, Wibson Co-founder and CTO Martin Minnoni presented at the OKEx Global Meetup Tour 2018 Buenos Aires to discuss Latin America’s blockchain revolution. Finally, our Research Director Charles Sarraute spoke about the Wibson decentralized data marketplace at the International Conference on Information Systems in San Francisco.

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