Wibson Update 25.10.2018

Hackathon Panamá

Last Saturday Wibson participated in another amazing Hackathon event. This time we were in Panama City for “Panamá Hackea 2018”. It was a brilliant tech-atmosphere where passionate people gathered and listened to ten outstanding speakers. Martin Minnoni, Wibson CTO and Co-Founder, provided one of the keynotes. He explained the Wibson protocol, how the Wibson App works and Wibson’s mission to return control of personal data back to individuals. Thank you to everyone who participated and made the event possible.

Wibson Launch

The Wibson network and official app launch on October 1 generated very positive responses with more than 300 publications publishing stories, including important media outlets, such as Infobae, Bitcoin Exchange Guide, La Vanguardia, and an excellent piece in Forbes. The Wibson team worked very hard to accomplish this important milestone, and we are delighted to receive such great support from the community. We hope to continue driving individuals’ awareness of data privacy and expand the Wibson data marketplace.

Ethereum Main Network: 25,000 Transactions

After just 20 days, the Wibson Token (WIB) has surpassed 25,000 transactions on the Ethereum main net. This means the Wibson community is growing rapidly, and our protocol is functioning smoothly.

“Learn About Cryptocurrency” in App

The new version of the Wibson App includes new features to support user needs. The “Learn About Cryptocurrency” section provides users who have limited experience in the cryptocurrency economy with helpful information and tips to understand how to use cryptocurrency safely and smartly . We included this section in both Spanish and English. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to hear your feedback.

Protect against fraud

Over the last few days we have seen some attempts at scams in the Wibson Telegram group. Thieves pretending to be group admins have asked user’s for their private key or money (bitcoins, dollars, etc) to invest in Wibson. Remember that you should NEVER SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY to anyone. We always want to protect the Wibson community. Please take a look at this article to get more information on this important issue.

Join our community

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